ETSA-PCE organized a one day Industrial Visit to Doordarshan Sahayadri Kendra, Worli, Mumbai on 10th of October, 2019 for Electronics & Telecommunication engineering students. The visit was organized with prior permission and guidance of the Principal, Dr. Sandeep Joshi. It was supported by the HOD of EXTC, Dr. Avinash Vaidya, the ETSA Coordinator, Prof. Apeksha Chavan, and along with Department Faculty, Prof. Yogesh Kene. A total of 40 students visited the company. Doordarshan is an autonomous public service broadcaster founded by the Government of India, owned by the Broadcasting Ministry of India and one of Prasar Bharati's two divisions.DD Sahyadri is a Marathi-language state-owned Indian Channel produced by the television station Doordarshan Kendra Mumbai. Doordarshan operates a total of 21 channels across India which includes regional channels, a sports channel, two all-India channels and an international channel. A total of 40 students from SE and TE EXTC joined the IV. At the head office, the students were slated to learn briefly about the complete process of transmission and receival of television signals and messages. As it turned out, the experience turned out to be a whole lot overwhelming and was certainly way above our expectations. At DD, there are different branches and offices which operate in sync with each other to provide standard channel content. The students had the experience of seeing just how a show can be shot in HD with multiple cameras operating simultaneously. The role of a producer was well learnt in this segment of our visit. Along with this, we also saw how exactly a 5.1 Dolby surround sound functions. A few experiments with the voice modulation techniques, whether it was changing the bass or the delay combined with frequency alterations provided a much needed comic relief to an otherwise lengthy trip. Our coordinator of the trip, Mr. Dastagir also explained to us how a simple green screen can be used to change an entire background. This is used to add different backgrounds during the news hours on the DD channel but surprisingly is the same concept used in some of the biggest Sci-Fi blockbusters of the west. The IV ended with the students getting to see the 1000ft tower which was installed in 1972 and was actually donated to a then third world nation called India by a German company. It is used in the day-to-day functions of the DD Sahyadri office. Apart from being the highest tower in Mumbai, the surprising thing is that it can sustain for at least 50 more years.This IV was conducted under the supervision of Mrs. Apeksha Chavan, ETSA Coordinator and Dr. Avinash Vaidya’s guidance. Within a span of sound proof studios to a 100ft tower, the knowledge we gained was priceless.

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